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About the Author
Kerrian Neu is a teacher and an award-winning graphic designer. She was raised by an award-winning, professional fine artist mother and an award-winning, professional technical illustrator and sculpture father, both of whom were also teachers.

Kerrian has authored and illustrated two children's books based on "Ben the Bee" a 12 year old bee who likes to solve mysteries in his town of Beely. The first of these books is available for purchase by clicking here. She also has published "Visual Art in the Elementary Classroom" which is composed of visual art lessons for kindergarten through grade 5 and "Picture Book Writing and Creation", which is complete guide through all the phases of picture book development. Both books are available by clicking here.

Kerrian recently completed her masters of art in teaching and is working to pass on her love of the visual arts and creativity. She lives in the North Lake Tahoe area and spends her free time in her garden and enjoying the outdoor activities of the region.


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